Picking up Pete Seeger's torch and upcoming gigs...

There are so many wonderful tributes to Pete Seeger and his legacy.  I have written a few comments on my facebook page and am realizing now that the thing I can do the best to show my gratitude for his example is to try my best to follow it.  This means more music, more activism, more immediate action instead of postponing or procrastinating on the things that really matter.

The first order of action then for me, is to perform more.  Where-ever I can with my current schedule that includes a full time job and raising 2 young kids and a dog.  I will perform at my kids schools, open mikes, gatherings, my UU church, where-ever I can.  And write songs that people can sing along to.  Write songs people can relate to.  Write songs that are hopeful.  If I struggle with that, then play songs by others that meet those criteria.  Play to groups that need music.  Play to raise money for groups that have causes that I feel need to be heard.  That is where my heart will be to pay tribute to a man who protected all of our interests in such an unselfish way.  Godspeed Pete Seeger. You transformed the world we live in, one person at a time, with your songs, your dedicated service, and fearless, tireless love. Thank you.

Please note the gigs section of the website.  I'll be featuring at a new open mike in Somersworth NH this Thursday, sitting in at Gregg Cagno's gig on 2/22 in Dresher PA, and prepping for what will surely be a wonderful night of music opening for Buskin & Batteau at the New Moon Coffeehouse in Haverhill MA. 

Until we meet again... so long, it's been good to know ya!

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